Cass has been a key-figure in a number of high-profile projects. He works utilising a stable of creatives and artists to produce content across all forms and media for use with entertainment, marketing and branding. This ranges from initial concepts to a fully-realised delivery with on-going project management - most notably with the award-winning animated musical group Gorillaz.


Content creation, research, development and project management, character and script writer, copywriter and proof-reader, musician and author.


As a musician Cass has written for – and performed with – many notable musicians and bands including:

  • Other Destinations: Lost Soundtracks, 2015
  • Penguin Cafe: 2009 – present
  • Gorillaz: 2001-2012
  • Mobius Strip Club, 2013
  • Martina Topley-Bird: 2008 (as Musical Director)
  • Patti Smith: 2006
  • Damon Albarn’s Mali Music: 2002
  • Delakota: 1996 -1999
  • Urge Overkil: 1995
  • Senseless Things -1986 -1995

Key projects

Corporate and Branding

  • “Now TV” — Bare Films – Director Simon Willows, 2015: Treatment Writer
  • Penguin Cafe — Concert Programme History Book, 2014: Art direction, Writing, Design and Manufacture
  • “Jamie Hewlett‘s Absolute Vodka” for Pernod Ricard — Holler Agency, 2012: Character Writer, Music Consultant and Online Game Design
  • Converse / Gorillaz “Do Ya Thang” — Cornerstone Agency, 2012: Story Concepts and Viral Marketing Campaign
  • “Olympic Games – Engagement Piece” – Crystal Graphics International with Locog, 2011: Treatment Writer
  • Microsoft IE9 Launch, 2011: Branding Concepts and Animation Scriptwriter Microsoft

Project Manager

Cass has managed and brought to realisation a wide variety of projects &ndaah; from idea generation, concept and pitches to sourcing collaborators, managing processes, delivery and launch.

  • Penguin Cafe – Musical Collaborations for ‘Umbrella’ Project, 2015
  • – Online Website Projects and Game Management.
  • “Rise of The Ogre” — Gorillaz Autobiography Book with Penguin / Riverhead Imprint, 2006
  • Channel Zero — Mobile Content Channel, 2007-2008


  • “Shoot To Kill” Director Jamie Hewlett, 2014: Scriptwriter

EDITORIAL – Books AND Editorial

Published written work includes:

  • Penguin Cafe: The Red Book — A History
  • Gorillaz ‘Take-Over’ of The Sun
  • Feature Press — Q Magazine, NME, Wired, GQ, Guardian, Entertainment Weekly, New York Post, L.A. Times and more
  • “Rise Of The Ogre” — Penguin Riverhead Books

BROADCAST — TV and Radio

Cass has script-written, directed and produced a number of projects including:

  • “The Fall” – Gorillaz – Spotify Radio Show
  • Gorillaz: Plastic Beach Broadcasts for XFM, Radio1 and MTV
  • Agent Provocateur “Life‘s A Ball” – TV Drama
  • Who Killed Summer – Hideous Productions – Online and TV Drama
  • “Charts of Darkness” Channel 4 — Dazed TV


Versatile and exploratory, adventurous and innovative &mdaah; Cass brings both seasoned and proven experience, enjoys experimentation and works equally well within teams, as a guide or on his own. He enjoys finding entertaining solutions and bringing artists together to establish new and innovative projects.


Interests span music history and journalism, new and emerging technologies, animation, art, social media, pop culture, books, vintage motorcycles, film, news, topical and political commentary and an extensive knowledge of Horror Films from around the world. He lives in West London with his partner and teenage daughter.